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  • Software Defined & F5 Networks Workshop

    New technologies are continuously emerging. To keep up with this dynamic environment, we decided to organise yet another workshop for our Clients.
    This time, the main topic was: “News in the world of F5”.
    Our engineers discussed issues related to:

  • FORTINET Expert Partner

    Level of an EXPERT partner in 3 months?:wink:

    Some might argue that it is not achievable - but not for us!:thinking_face:Read more

  • Automating execution of SCM-managed Ansible playbooks

    Have you ever wanted to automate execution of certain tasks? Then you have probably encountered Ansible. But have you considered how can you automate Ansible execution even further?

    Let’s imagine that you have a set of tasks to perform. Let’s call...

  • Fortinet webinarium

    Fortinet, with which we have recently started cooperating, is organizing a webinar on “Security of web applications”.
    We use such applications almost every day, but are we aware of how our sensitive data is protected?
    Join the November 16 webinar...

  • Templating Terraform using Python and Jinja2

    Have you ever wondered how one can dynamically generate Terraform templates to automate repeating tasks so that the only thing that really needs to be given manually are variables / data? In this article we will discuss programming approach to...

  • Two ways to offload SSL traffic on F5

    This article describes two ways to perform a typical network administrator task: collection and analysis of encrypted network traffic.

    In both cases, the necessary tools are:

    a. Wireshark – packet analyzer, one of the basic tools for the network administrator’s work,

    b. TCPDump – a...